Alcoholic, unhappy, depressed & anxious. Not words which anyone would attribute on face value to this wonderful human. 


Meet Jordan Coady. A man who has been down some of life's darkest holes and pulled himself out. Todays chat dives deep into addiction, mental health, human psychology, the importance of sharing and finding a purpose. 


A human genuinely making the world a better place, please take the time to give this a watch and listen! 

September 21, 2022

Quickfire 30 - Simon Cooper

Alright alright alright, it's time for a bite-sized podcast featuring The Big Slice himself, Simon Cooper. Get to know him in under 10 minutes with 30(ish) quickfire questions

The man, the myth, the big slice, Simon Cooper.


Coop has been a mainstay for the podcast, co-hosting season 2 in 2020 and appearing on a number of episodes prior to that. In April 2021 he set sail from Team Virtus to explore the corporate world.


Today's chat explored the reasons behind his move, how he made the decision and we discussed what the last 18 months has looked like.


If you want to understand the power of change, problem solving, and the ins and outs of communication, this is not to be missed. Plus, 4 months out from becoming Daddy Coop, we delved into how life will be changing for our favourite Ex Virtus Coach.

This one went a little off the rails on more than 1 occasion...


For the first time ever; Lachie, Tyler, and Mitch are all on the podcast at the same time and it did not disappoint. Well, maybe a little. The lads recapped the first 11 episodes of the podcast and chatted about their excitement for the remainder of Season 3 and the potential guests that we'd love to sit down and chat with.


We also played around with an exciting new feature, with members of the Virtus Family now able to appear on the Virtus Podcast via voice message! We fielded some Q&A questions via voice message and did mini deep-dives on the intriguing ones. If you enjoyed this chat, there may be more episodes in the future with all the lads on the couch. Watch this space!


Instagram handles:

Lachie: @theexcellencecoach

Mitch: @performancecoach_rowe

Tyler: @totumstrength

Virtus: @virtusperformance



Very grateful to have the wonderful Ali Miles on this weeks podcast. 

Performance Dietitian, Mum of 3 & all round legend. Ali Miles, the founder of Fuel School, is arguably one of Australia’s most in-demand high-performance sports dietitians. Ali’s performance nutrition strategies have helped some of the world’s top athletes and teams embrace performance fuelling and achieve their ultimate sporting aspirations.

Mitch sat down with Ali this week to chat all things family, career, nutrition & family! This one is not to be missed!


Hit up for all the good things!

August 31, 2022

Quickfire 30 - Ed Wischer

Get to know the man behind the camera! Ed Wischer jumps into the Quickfire 30 hot seat this week

Pumped to get our long-time friend Ed Wischer back on the podcast this week!


Some of you may have seen Ed around the gym on occasion snapping some flicks/vids and lending us a huge helping hand with content creation! He sat down with Lachie to chat about leaving the corporate world to become a freelancer (starting his own business as a photographer/filmmaker), the skills needed to do so, and the importance of leaning into community, connection, and people.


Ed is incredible at what he does, check out his work on Instagram at


p.s. you'll be seeing a whole lot of Ed throughout September... watch this space

Before she jets off back to the United States, India Blyth pops in to the studio to chat all things 'ball with Mitch, who is back in the hosting chair!


A College Basketball athlete, India chats about her love of the sport and how she got into it, as well as diving into what it takes to get to the College level of performance and beyond

Part A was a dense recap of the birth of Virtus and how we got to where we are. In the second part of the Lachlan Wallace Podcast, we discuss the future for both Virtus and Lachie, his favourite things about the coaches and some of the members, as well as the general ambiguities of life itself

I don't know how, but we've somehow managed to condense a podcast with Lachlan Wallace into 16 minutes! If you want to learn more about our fearless leader but didn't have a spare 2 hours; this brief episode is for you

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