June 28, 2017

Be Better #4 Give yourself a rest

Being Better # 4 Give yourself a rest!

Tired? Run down? Stressed? Probably about time you gave yourself a rest.

My personal and business goal, is to be a little bit better every day, to be better than good enough (Dea 2017). I try to live and work by the mantra of focusing on improving the little things, and that if you improve 100 things 1%, you'll see 100% improvement. Here is where the "Be Better" idea came along. Each week i will be talking to a guest or two about their journey, philosophy and why they do what they do. In between these chats I will be uploading the #BeBetter series. A number of short chats aimed at improvement, for me, for you, for anyone who wants to listen. I won't be preaching, i'll be walking the path with all of you. So here goes, Episode #4 Rest. Let me know what you think and if you have any suggestions for topics, info@virtusperformance.com


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