To of my best friends in the world, and two of the hardest working humans I know. Dan and Kelly have both recently graduated medicine. We had a chat about life, the medical system, what it took to reach the end of their degrees, what they have learnt as students, interns and what they are expecting from their grad year. I'm incredibly proud of both of these humans cannot wait to see them make a huge difference in the Hospitals around Melbourne!



Matt Church has quickly become a mentor and someone who I look up to immensely. He is genuinely the most insightful and knowledgeable 22 year old to walk the face of this earth and if I could speak to him for hours, I certainly would. 

Matt is a Business Coach, Operations Manager at Winning international and all round king of a human. 

The insight he has been able to bestow upon me and the amount of value he has added to Virtus in such a short time cannot be overstated. I look forward to working with him for a long long time!


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The man behind Runnez! A world first indoor running group training phenomenon. 

Rick is one of the most genuinely passionate guys you'll ever meet and this conversation was a long time coming! He has done pretty much everything there is to do, so rather than reading this intro, you should probably just get stuck straight into the podcast!


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There is very little I can say about this amazing woman to do her any sort of justice. Pat is someone who I look up to immensely. I admire the person she is and all of the incredible adventures she has and continues to have. 

Pat has climbed mountains, travelled everywhere, competed in amazing events, sailed in world championships, ran book clubs and raised a 12/10 family. 

I left this podcast feeling like I could do anything, I felt like I could run through a brick wall, that's just the effect this amazing human has on the people around her!

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Episode #32 with the great man Carlo Cirillo. Carlo is a serial entrepreneur, former elite soccer player, world traveller, and a huge proponent of the art of gratitude! Joined by our good friend Ed Wischer of the Human Happiness Project, we shared some truths about life, the journey, mindset, gratitude, identity and consciousness. A must listen!


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Fresh off graduating a Bachelor of Business, Episode #31 is with serial entrepreneur and incredible human Angus Sinclair. Co-hosted by our very own Simon Cooper, We discussed a whole range of topics from purpose to drive and entrepreneurship starting businesses and chasing the things you love to do. 

A ripper episode, enjoy.


Maddy Tilley is one of the greatest human beings you will meet. She is an outstanding Footballer, world traveller and a Performance Coach at Virtus Performance. 

It took a little bit of arm twisting to get Mads on the podcast, but I'm sure you'll all understand why I was so keen to have a chat with her. 

Maddy is incredible at what she does, I don't think she realises how good, I can't wait to see what she does over the next few years and beyond, it's going to be amazing!

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December 31, 2017

#29 Mitch Rowe - Taking action

Mitch Rowe is a 20 year old Performance Coach at Virtus Performance. For what he lacks in experience, he makes up for in commitment, dedication and hard work. He has developed more over the past 18 months than he did in the womb. Listen in to a chat about life so far, and what’s to come for one of the most inspiring 20 year olds you’ll hear from 🙌🏽🙌🏽


Merry Freakin Christmas, 

If you're on the way to see family and friends, if you're halfway through your third glass of gin, or loading up on Christmas Ham and feel the need to relax, escape and unwind, then plug in the airpods, plug into carplay and have a listen to 5 legendary humans chatting about 2017/2018 and life. 


Have a magical day, enjoy yourselves and stay safe! See you for Episode #29 ft Mitch Row on Jan 1st.



Because I certainly could not do this amazing young lady justice with my words, i'll utilise her bio from her Website!

At only 25 Alanna has a string of achievements to her name. She is the Co-Founder of Coach Music Academy, professional vocal coach, singer, songwriter, event manager and keynote speaker. Before discovering her passion as a mentor for youth through music Alanna was titled Young Person Of The Year by Girlfriend Magazine at 14, was signed to a music production company in the UK at 16, released her first EP at 19, toured the US, UK and Australia singing, and amongst the craziness she graduated with a Diploma in Event Management in Melbourne. Since then she has started her own events company "The Coach Couch" interviewing Australian's who have achieved amazing things including the legendary Molly Meldrum. Alanna also is the co-founder of “SING IT OUT” which is a State wide initiative supporting youth through music. Her mission is to inspire, encourage and equip youth with the tools they need to improve their mental health. 

Absolutely loved sitting down with this superstar and talking about all things business, life, following your passion and making a difference! If you'd like to learn more about Alanna, Sing it out or Coach Music Academy, Hit the links. 

Meet Coach Alanna Deutrom Video

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