Introducing Episode #41 With Jess Curl. An episode filled with success, failure, laughs and tears. I loved it, I'm sure you will too. 

Jess is a lot of things. Strength and Conditioning Coach, Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist, Personal Trainer, and Director of The Better Health Project here in Melbourne. 

Jess has studied Bachelor of Science in Education and supporting Minors in Health, Wellness and Coaching. Her skills cover correcting people’s movement patterns to avoid injury, reading functional lab testing to prevent disease as well as providing nutritional guidance to find what works best for the individual in achieving overall optimal health and wellbeing.

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If you know the feeling you get before you head off for a big trip, leaving everything behind for an extended period of time, you'll know how I'm currently feeling. 44 Days away in the scheme of things is nothing, just a blip on the radar. But it can also feel like an eternity. Lots can happen in a month and a half. 

Join James and I as we discuss the impending trip, what our expectations are, and why we chose to take a 6 week trek though South America, instead of continuing to run our businesses as we have been doing for the last few years. 

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Episode #38 with local Beer Barron, Entrepreneur, Accountant and all round king of a human, Grant Rodgers. 

Grant decided to have this chat, the day he opened Jetty Road Brewery, after realising that he had run out of time the morning of, we quickly rescheduled to the day after.

Since this day I have quickly realises that this is an insight into his life. Grant is a doer, in the truest sense of the word. He makes things happen, quickly and there is little doubt as to why he has been able to create Jetty Road Brewery. 

I'm a big fan of this blokes beer, and an even bigger fan of who he is as a business owner, person and I'm stoked that i can call him a friend. 





You may remember Fit With Georgie from Episode 17 with Anna Janssen. For those that dont, Georgie is a Nurse, Yogi and a little bit famous on Instagram. A platform she uses to spread positivity, love and incredible daily messages to her followers.

This time, she is solo. We spoke about the importance of filling your cup, through mindfulness and meditation. The difficulties of death and the inherent beauty of living a finite existence and the importance of having a purpose to continue to move towards. 

Georgie is a role model to so many with her vulnerability and passion on show everytime you interact with her. The world could use more humans with the same level of self reflection and desire for growth. 

Above all Georgie is a spectacular friend. I am very proud of her growth in so many areas of her life over the last 6 months and it is no surprise that she is the role model to so many, myself included.

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Be Amazing


To of my best friends in the world, and two of the hardest working humans I know. Dan and Kelly have both recently graduated medicine. We had a chat about life, the medical system, what it took to reach the end of their degrees, what they have learnt as students, interns and what they are expecting from their grad year. I'm incredibly proud of both of these humans cannot wait to see them make a huge difference in the Hospitals around Melbourne!



Matt Church has quickly become a mentor and someone who I look up to immensely. He is genuinely the most insightful and knowledgeable 22 year old to walk the face of this earth and if I could speak to him for hours, I certainly would. 

Matt is a Business Coach, Operations Manager at Winning international and all round king of a human. 

The insight he has been able to bestow upon me and the amount of value he has added to Virtus in such a short time cannot be overstated. I look forward to working with him for a long long time!


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The man behind Runnez! A world first indoor running group training phenomenon. 

Rick is one of the most genuinely passionate guys you'll ever meet and this conversation was a long time coming! He has done pretty much everything there is to do, so rather than reading this intro, you should probably just get stuck straight into the podcast!


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There is very little I can say about this amazing woman to do her any sort of justice. Pat is someone who I look up to immensely. I admire the person she is and all of the incredible adventures she has and continues to have. 

Pat has climbed mountains, travelled everywhere, competed in amazing events, sailed in world championships, ran book clubs and raised a 12/10 family. 

I left this podcast feeling like I could do anything, I felt like I could run through a brick wall, that's just the effect this amazing human has on the people around her!

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Episode #32 with the great man Carlo Cirillo. Carlo is a serial entrepreneur, former elite soccer player, world traveller, and a huge proponent of the art of gratitude! Joined by our good friend Ed Wischer of the Human Happiness Project, we shared some truths about life, the journey, mindset, gratitude, identity and consciousness. A must listen!


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Fresh off graduating a Bachelor of Business, Episode #31 is with serial entrepreneur and incredible human Angus Sinclair. Co-hosted by our very own Simon Cooper, We discussed a whole range of topics from purpose to drive and entrepreneurship starting businesses and chasing the things you love to do. 

A ripper episode, enjoy.


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