Fresh off graduating a Bachelor of Business, Episode #31 is with serial entrepreneur and incredible human Angus Sinclair. Co-hosted by our very own Simon Cooper, We discussed a whole range of topics from purpose to drive and entrepreneurship starting businesses and chasing the things you love to do. 

A ripper episode, enjoy.


Maddy Tilley is one of the greatest human beings you will meet. She is an outstanding Footballer, world traveller and a Performance Coach at Virtus Performance. 

It took a little bit of arm twisting to get Mads on the podcast, but I'm sure you'll all understand why I was so keen to have a chat with her. 

Maddy is incredible at what she does, I don't think she realises how good, I can't wait to see what she does over the next few years and beyond, it's going to be amazing!

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December 31, 2017

#29 Mitch Rowe - Taking action

Mitch Rowe is a 20 year old Performance Coach at Virtus Performance. For what he lacks in experience, he makes up for in commitment, dedication and hard work. He has developed more over the past 18 months than he did in the womb. Listen in to a chat about life so far, and what’s to come for one of the most inspiring 20 year olds you’ll hear from 🙌🏽🙌🏽


Merry Freakin Christmas, 

If you're on the way to see family and friends, if you're halfway through your third glass of gin, or loading up on Christmas Ham and feel the need to relax, escape and unwind, then plug in the airpods, plug into carplay and have a listen to 5 legendary humans chatting about 2017/2018 and life. 


Have a magical day, enjoy yourselves and stay safe! See you for Episode #29 ft Mitch Row on Jan 1st.



Because I certainly could not do this amazing young lady justice with my words, i'll utilise her bio from her Website!

At only 25 Alanna has a string of achievements to her name. She is the Co-Founder of Coach Music Academy, professional vocal coach, singer, songwriter, event manager and keynote speaker. Before discovering her passion as a mentor for youth through music Alanna was titled Young Person Of The Year by Girlfriend Magazine at 14, was signed to a music production company in the UK at 16, released her first EP at 19, toured the US, UK and Australia singing, and amongst the craziness she graduated with a Diploma in Event Management in Melbourne. Since then she has started her own events company "The Coach Couch" interviewing Australian's who have achieved amazing things including the legendary Molly Meldrum. Alanna also is the co-founder of “SING IT OUT” which is a State wide initiative supporting youth through music. Her mission is to inspire, encourage and equip youth with the tools they need to improve their mental health. 

Absolutely loved sitting down with this superstar and talking about all things business, life, following your passion and making a difference! If you'd like to learn more about Alanna, Sing it out or Coach Music Academy, Hit the links. 

Meet Coach Alanna Deutrom Video

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"Inch by inch is a sinch, Yard by yard is Hard" A simple mantra, but this pretty much sums up a young man who has the perspective to focus on each little battle as it comes whilst putting in a mountain of work to get where he wants to be. 

It has been approximately 13 Months since Waydes whole world changed, after his Father and 'Best mate' Dickie passed away, he has ridden the waves of emotion with his family yet has managed to come out the other side with the wisdom and tact of someone twice his age. Wayde has achieved a significant amount in the past few years, I'm incredibly excited to see where his next steps lie, this kid can take on the world. 

Wayde has grown up surrounded by Sport, which has turned into a love with most sports with a ball, more specifically Footy. He has spent time working at multiple clubs most recently with an internship at Melbourne City.

Enjoy this, I certainly did, if you would like to get in touch with us, contact us via any method below.


Daniel is a Professional Ski Bum (own words) who follows the snow around the world, whilst Ed works in sales and is the man behind The Human Happiness Project. These are two humans who are living opposite existences, and on the surface, couldn't be any more different. However, as the conversation continued, many similarities began to pop up. They are philosophically on the same page, yet polar opposites when it comes to how they live their lives. 

We hope you enjoy this conversation about life, living and purpose. If you did, let us know as this is a different format to the usual interview style of the Virtus Podcast. 
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November 26, 2017

#25 Bill Kerr (aka Doc)

Doc is an avid traveller having visited no less than 38 countries to date. Being an avid fitness enthusiast, he has managed to combine these two parts of his existence into one incredible business, Adventurefit travel. 

He has been locked into the grind of purchasing real estate at a young age, to giving it up and leaving to travel the world. Now he is in full entrepreneur mode as he strives to make Adventurefit the coolest company in the world.

As Doc would say ' Life is about stories, people. The longer, weirder, sadder and happier yours is the better '

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Instagram @docsadventurefitlife

Twitter: ADVF_Travel



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November 19, 2017

#24 Simon Cooper

Simon Cooper is a coffee toting, barbell lifting, expat living, beer drinking human. He is one of the most genuine people you'll ever meet and someone who is a pleasure to spend time with. 

Coop and I met at ACU in 2011 in during our Exercise and Sports Science degree. A Mornington peninsula boy who spent 2 years living in the UK from 2015-2017. Now that he is back, he has jumped into a Business Degree and more notably has taken up the positions of Performance Coach and Head of Marketing at Virtus Human Performance. 

Treat yo self to a ripper chat with a ripper human. 

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November 12, 2017

#23 Jeremy Dooley

I first met Jeremy (aka Dools) at the Holden Centre during our days at Collingwood Football Club. He is someone with many more layers than first meets the eye. He has been an incredible role model to me and someone who left an incredible impact during his time at the club. 

Now, Jeremy specializes in High-Performance Teams and Cultures: He is a dynamic and versatile facilitator with 17 years of experience in developing and delivering cutting-edge content. 

Where Jeremy excels is his natural ability to see the potential in individuals, the group, then tailoring the workshop experience to achieve the desired outcomes and harness that potential. 
Working with over 70,000 people, he has facilitated groups from all walks of life: young people experiencing the highs and lows of adolescence and the transition into adulthood, to middle management and the C-Suite and right through to professional athletes.

Enjoy this, he is an incredible human. 

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