Fun facts are fun, they are the funnest, some would say that the funnest of facts, come from Eliza. 

This week we welcome Eliza Keck to the fold, Episode #58 we dive deep into what Eliza does for work (makes memes) and what she does for fun (fun facts) 

Her current role at the CSIRO is to explain complex things in a simple, easily digestable way. 

Dive into this epic episode with a 12/10 human who is genuinely making the world a better place!!

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Cheers to you all




This human is one of the most resilient humans I have met. I feel incredibly grateful that she has all

Suz is a former Nurse of 10+ years, Mum or two, Personal Trainer and has been through a couple of brain surgeries and come out with a big smile on her face... as you do.

If you have any interest in getting the most out of yourself, this is probably the episode to listen to. 

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This week I sat down with my good mate Cam Elliott, who some of you may also know as Coach Cam. 


We talked a bit of rubbish, caught up, and answered a whole bunch of questions from the Virtus family. 

We hope you enjoy it, if you do, let us know. Share, Subscribe or comment and give us some feedback. 


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Anyone who knows this lovely human will know how much of a pleasure it is to be in her company. One of the most genuine and positive people on the planet we had an insightful conversation about life, meaning, family and of course, all of the wonderful things that make this world so wonderful. 

Paige is someone who is genuinely doing her bit to make the world a better place, I hope you all enjoy this episode, I sure did.



Episode #54 is with Thought leader of the year, a misfit with a cause, Chief of Illumin8 Accounting Andrew Van De Beek. 

Today I sat down with Andrew and discussed all things life, family, whisky, dreams and of course, running a business and trying to put a dent in the universe!

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Introducing Steve Roberts. Steve is someone I've known for a long time since the early days of running training, then football, now we both own gyms. Plenty has happened over that time for Steve. 

He has won flags, travelled the world, had a few ACL injuries, opened Infinite Fitness and won a few triathlons. 

Today's discussion centred around his journey, triumphs and setbacks. Enjoy!

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12 months ago I set the goal of releasing a podcast a week for a year. Today I achieved that goal. 

Episode #52 is a celebration of every episode that came before it. And every episode that is to come. Thank you to all of our listeners, subscribers and most importantly the incredible guests I've been able to learn from and converse with along the way. 

Enjoy the ramblings of me, Kiandra Paterson, Sam Keck, Simon Cooper, Jarryd Palser, Grant Rodgers and Tommy Terlaak.

You're all a bunch of legends

Love always



When you combine the natural environment, health and nutrition and a love and passion for helping others, you have a recipe for change. It is with these ingredients that Holistic Hikes was born. 


As Holistic Hikes founder Amanda would say 'You're only one hike away from a better mood. Her desire to help and motivate others to facilitate positive change is an inspiring story and one you'll hear all about in the next hour!

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My good mate Ed Wischer and I sit down for another discussion. Almost 12 months after we first discussed his 'Human Happiness Project'.

Today's chat is centred around a common theme of Purpose and Meaning. With the Human Happiness Project now renamed Moments of Meaning, we talked all things happiness, purpose, meaning and managed to spend a little bit of time discussing the marketing juggernaut that is the Kardashians.

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Josh is a former Triathlete who has been through his fair share of ups and downs. 

A string of injuries, setbacks, failures and triumphs has led to a period of reflection and personal growth. Culminating in a successful24 hour solo swim in 2017 raising over $20,000 for Multiple Sclerosis.  

Enjoy this open and honest chat about self-awareness and growth. 

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