My good mate Ed Wischer and I sit down for another discussion. Almost 12 months after we first discussed his 'Human Happiness Project'.

Today's chat is centred around a common theme of Purpose and Meaning. With the Human Happiness Project now renamed Moments of Meaning, we talked all things happiness, purpose, meaning and managed to spend a little bit of time discussing the marketing juggernaut that is the Kardashians.

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Josh is a former Triathlete who has been through his fair share of ups and downs. 

A string of injuries, setbacks, failures and triumphs has led to a period of reflection and personal growth. Culminating in a successful24 hour solo swim in 2017 raising over $20,000 for Multiple Sclerosis.  

Enjoy this open and honest chat about self-awareness and growth. 

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After 7 weeks apart Host Lachie Wallace gets together with Simon Cooper to discuss the happenings of the past month and a half. With Lachie off galavanting around South America, Coop and Team Virtus was left to pick up the slack. 

We discussed all things growth, learning and lessons and discussed the contrasts of our world and South America and shared a few uneducated opinions of the future of the human race, global equality, blockchain, money and the need for borders. 

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Tristan River is a bit of an enigma. What we do know about this coffee making, barista educating, tattoo toting legend of a human, is that he loves to work hard, would do anything for his mates and can have a conversation with just about anyone. 

This wonderful discussion centres around connection, interaction and having pride in what you do. 

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Be Amazing


Something a little different this week...

Introducing Episode #46 feat. Tommy Tee and Simon Cooper.


15 Minute Thoughts


Listen in to hear three pals riff on a few different topics. We chatted about social media, productivity and the latest projects that we are super excited about!


As always, enjoy.


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Episode #45 - Dan Mcquinn


Leave Everything Better Than When You Found It.


Dan is a lawyer, entrepreneur, traveller, coffee drinker and advocate for justice.


Growing up on the Mornington Peninsula, Dan has found himself living in Melbourne and overseas, all while pursuing new experiences and challenges. From working in law to starting his own business in coffee and now back working as a lawyer, Dan has done some pretty great things. 

He strives to stick to his values and create positive change in the world. He has a wealth of experience for someone as young as he is and is someone that I really look up to.




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Episode #44: Jess Ryan


Jess is a rad human. Think of someone who is bubbly, always up and about, the drive of someone possessed and a genuine person who cares immensely about those around her...

That's JR. 

Jess is Head of Operations and Performance Coach at Virtus Human Performance. We first came across Jess when she was an intern at Virtus and we couldn't get rid of her (not that we would want to).

Her energy is infectious and she is continuously on the journey of self-improvement. 


This conversation was heaps of fun and I hope you get as much out of it that I did. 





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Episode #43: Ben Hogan - Building Standards and Expectations
Our next guest on the Virtus Podcast is Ben Hogan, Co-owner and Director of Commonfolk Coffee.
Ben has a wealth of knowledge and experience in business and life.
He has been heavily involved in the aviation industry for the last 20 or so years, with roles in Engineering and Management with airlines such as Qantas, Jetstar and Tigerair.
He has recently moved back down to his hometown of the Mornington Peninsula, where I have been lucky enough to connect with him.

Enjoy getting to know Ben and his story. 






Episode #42: Impermanence with Mark Simpson.


Exercise Physiologist, Director of PACE Health Management, Athlete, Mentor and Friend.  

Mark is a great friend who I was lucky enough to first meet when I spent part of my placement at PACE a few years ago. He is an accredited Exercise Physiologist who works with people to improve their life through performance and rehab management. 

This conversation was awesome. We chatted growth, business, personal development, training and life. 

His passion for helping people at the individual level and in the broader community is something that I look up to and admire. 



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Introducing Episode #41 With Jess Curl. An episode filled with success, failure, laughs and tears. I loved it, I'm sure you will too. 

Jess is a lot of things. Strength and Conditioning Coach, Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist, Personal Trainer, and Director of The Better Health Project here in Melbourne. 

Jess has studied Bachelor of Science in Education and supporting Minors in Health, Wellness and Coaching. Her skills cover correcting people’s movement patterns to avoid injury, reading functional lab testing to prevent disease as well as providing nutritional guidance to find what works best for the individual in achieving overall optimal health and wellbeing.

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